Women Looking Forward

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Over the course of 2019, we’ve had women from various professions share their stories with us at our WomenWork event. Whether they were a vice consul or a professional athlete, they all shared something in common: overcoming personal and professional obstacles to improve their own situation and those of others. We are so thankful to all of the women who came to speak at our event this past year. And we are so very excited to let you know how we at WomenWork are overcoming our own obstacles to provide better opportunities in 2020 to connect and network for the working women of São Paulo.

We are improving our speaker events. There will be less of them, but we’ll have focused topics and knowledgeable women coming to discuss them with us.

We are improving our website. It’s getting a complete facelift, with a better interface so that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Most importantly, we are improving our event offerings! In 2020, WomenWork will be launching a series of new events, with different dates, times, and experiences, all in an effort to give our diverse group of women the best opportunity to meet and connect with others. We’ll have an exclusive Self-Care Saturday event, where Erinn Monteiro (our speaker in July) will show us how to take care of the skin we live in. Beverages and appetizers will be provided, all within the comfort of a private residence where you can mingle with other working women and swap a few business cards.

Along with our speaker events and Self-Care Saturdays, we’ll have much more informal events such as Taco Tuesdays (a chance to get together for a working lunch with other women at a Mexican restaurant in Pinheiros), beer tastings (because women like beer, too!), Brunch Buddies (a kid-friendly brunch event), and Kickin’ It (a casual athletic event to include a little booze and some munchies).

All of these new events and improvements would not be possible without the awesome committee members—past and present—that have supported me in this little WomenWork project over the past 2 years: Cari Smelan, for meeting up over beers and scribbling on napkins to get this whole thing going; Carol Matos, for juggling all of the behind-the-scenes items for us; Lisa Gringas-Rose, for her endless encouragement and guidance; Giselle Fouyer, for jumping in with both feet and being my sounding board and my rock; Guta Saraiva, for making sure we see the bigger picture; Kristi Hendrickson, for all her assistance and input, even after landing a demanding job; and Bárbara Bastos, for balancing us all out and injecting us with your enthusiasm. Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me!

So, while we here at WomenWork gear up for 2020 and sort out all of the final details, we hope you will enjoy your end-of-year holidays. Refer to our event list for a highlight of what’s coming in the new year, and pencil in those dates so you won’t miss out!

If you find yourself itching to know what we’re up to, you can always follow us on Instagram (@womenwork_amsoc) or LinkedIn, where we’ll be posting about our upcoming events, projects we are working on, and stories from our past speakers & our committee members. Or if you prefer to avoid social media, bookmark our website or drop us a line ( to be kept in the loop. We’re looking forward to 2020—see you there!

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