Surfing’s debut at the 2021 Olympics

Surfing is set to make its debut at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. The sport has been typically dominated by males from specific regions of the world – particularly the USA and Australia, however the face of surfing is changing.

One woman to look out for this year at the 2021 Olympics is Silvana Lima, from Ceara, Brazil. Silvana has won 8 Brazilian national titles and 2 world runner-up titles. Silvana, along with 3 of her team-mates, make up Team Brazil.

Gabriel Medina, a well-known name in the surfing world, will also be competing in the games, along with Italo Ferreira, and Tatiana Weston-Webb. However, Silvana’s story is unique in that she surfed professionally for many years before landing a sponsorship.

Apparently, she did not fit the typical “surf-girl” image the sponsors were looking for and therefore for a good part of her professional surfing career had to fund her own trips around the world to be able to compete in her sport. Companies simply did not want to sponsor Silvana for the fact she wasn’t sexy enough or didn’t have that typical anglophile surfer look from the beaches of southern California or Australia – a problem she believes her male counterparts don’t have to worry about.

You can read more about surfing and Silvana Lima below:

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