Staying Connected without Disconnecting

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We have never been more connected than we are now, with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and countless other ways to instantly communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Want to know how a friend is doing? Take a minute to check their Facebook page. Want to express your opinion on current news? Post a few characters on Twitter. Communication with others can be condensed to a simple thumbs-up, an ‘OK', or an emoji.

Yet with all this digital information flying about, we often miss the deeper story for the simplicity of the quick and easy interaction from the comfort of our couch. There’s something about sitting down with another human being in person and discussing important topics over a cold and tasty beverage that the internet simply cannot replace. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Facebook and WhatsApp, but some face-to-face interaction with other amazing women is a great supplement to your social diet. 

Where can you get this supplement in the great city of São Paulo? Attend one of our WomenWork events, where a guest speaker (Woman of Merit) discusses her particular journey with us. We have a diverse range of women scheduled for the second half of 2019—four very different women from very different walks of life, all with an interesting story to tell.

Don’t miss out! Mark these Tuesday dates on your calendar: July 16th with Erinn Monteiro, beauty and fitness business owner; August 13th with Paula Chang, the Director of Institutional Relations at NGO Think Olga; September 10th with Dra. Márcia Rocha, Coordinator of Transempregos; and October 8th with Elisa Tawil, producer of 'Vieses Femininos’ Podcast. Save your spot at our upcoming WomenWork event by visiting 

At WomenWork, we encourage social responsibility, sharing knowledge & experience for a better future, and the importance of any employment, whether paid or volunteer. The small fee to attend our events goes directly back to the greater São Paulo community. Since the launch of our event in May 2018, we have sponsored two girls at the 2018 American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) Angel Party, and have raised R$1.100 towards that same sponsorship goal for 2019. If you’d like to find out more about this charitable event or any of the other charitable organizations that AmSoc supports, visit 

Want to make a difference? Share your journey with us. See you at the next WomenWork!

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