Small but positive changes during quarantine times

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

It has been clear that COVID-19 for the last few months has brought many tragedies. But what about the positive impacts? As we have been taught for years, we should always look from a different perspective in any given situation. So, have you had the chance to analyze the social distancing impact from a positive angle?

a woman and her cat

Many parents now have the chance to spend more time with their kids, learn about their lives, and be present in their studies. And for those animal lovers, a chance to have longer walks with their dogs, or a great amount of time petting their cats. Also, that ten minutes more in bed? Well, now you can, because you won’t have to allocate hours for traffic, as your office is just “steps away”. We have also experienced a new way to be virtually connected to our family and friends, even more present than before. Being more experimental in the kitchen, reading and meditating more often. Not to forget how the environment is benefiting from our less-polluted cities. Above all, COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to look at our lives and be grateful for our job, our family, and most importantly, our health. And isn’t that amazing that we can do it all from the comfort of our home?

While in quarantine times, it is crucial to stay mentally well. WomenWork is here to help with that. Connecting you to a community of inspiring women who share a sense of responsibility and care for our society. You can connect with us on Instagram, LinkedIn or and stay tuned for our upcoming events on our website.

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