Let’s Get to Know Each Other

WomenWork was created with the idea of gathering women to talk about their achievements, share ideas, and get inspired. Not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Many of you ladies are probably in the same situation as I am. We left our hometowns, careers, friends, and families to follow our husbands for their jobs. We moved to a new city, where we knew nobody and had to start all over again.

I am a shy person, and I usually do not make friends easily. Although I was excited to embark on this adventure and move to another country, I was a bit worried about what my days would look like. The first weeks were about getting settled in and exploring my neighborhood. After that, I decided to join a Facebook group for Expat Ladies. They had an event planned for newcomers. I was a bit anxious to attend. What I am going to tell them? What if we have nothing in common?

As it turned out, I met one my best friends here today, who is also from my hometown. I also met a nice lady who added me to some WhatsApp women groups. These groups have been my support system. These women, even if I never met them, will answer within five minutes all my questions about what restaurants to go to, what doctor to visit, or what to do with your kids on rainy days. From time to time, we will meet for a coffee or lunch, and some of them will become great friends. They have been the most helpful people in every way since I got here.

So even when you don’t feel like joining these events or these groups, GO! Go and meet new people. Everyone has a story to tell. Probably an amazing story, an inspiring one. Often, you will also come across opportunities. Opportunities to find a job, opportunities to make new friends, opportunities to discover new restaurants.

We are from different countries, have different religious beliefs, have different educational backgrounds, and are in different age groups, but in the end, we are all in the same situation and we have to support each other. Whether it is when you buy Só.Snacks or Kombucha made by the ladies you know, when you include a newcomer in one of the WhatsApp groups, or when you attend a women’s event, we are the most powerful when we support each other.

So come and join us for our next WomenWork event to meet not only our inspiring speakers but also all the other women attendees.

Our fourth WomenWork event, to be held on Tuesday, November 13, at 7pm, features Women of Merit speakers Fernanda & Taciana, from The Girls on the Road ( There will be a short Q&A after their presentation, followed by networking, socializing, and a tasty drink or two to close out the evening. Cateto, located on R. Francisco Leitão, 272, in Pinheiros, is graciously providing us their upstairs space for our event. Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP at before November 12th!

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