May 2019

Nathalie Beaudoin has worked for Global Affairs Canada since 2007. She is currently Head of Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Services at the Consulate General of Canada in São Paulo, where she leads the team responsible for political and public affairs, communications and culture. Prior to her assignment in Brazil, she was Chief of Staff for the Assistant Deputy Minister for the Americas at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa (2014-2016).


She was previously posted in Haiti (2012-2014), where she worked as a political officer. She has also held positions in the Afghanistan Task Force (2009-2011) and in the Communications Branch (2007-2009) at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.


Ms Beaudoin also organized and coordinated international leaders summits such as the Summit of the Americas (2015, Panama) and the Francophonie Summit (2008, Quebec).

Photos courtesy of 📸 J. Marcelo Pereira Alves.