July 2019

A personal & CrossFit trainer, certified nutrition coach, and postnatal fitness instructor, Erinn Monteiro's passion has always been to help improve people's health and lives. But after spending years clawing her way up the nonprofit corporate ladder in public health, about 4 years ago she found herself feeling quite detached from that goal. She and her husband decided to move to Brazil to be closer to his side of the family; since then, her life has been about taking risks, immersing herself in work that lights her up inside, and figuring out what it looks like to work mainly for herself.


She now works as a health educator and nutrition/fitness coach, consulting mainly online with clients back in the United States, as well as managing a gym there. She is also a safer skincare advocate and independent consultant with a U.S.-based clean beauty brand called Beautycounter.

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Photos courtesy of 📸 J. Marcelo Pereira Alves.