October 2019

Elisa Tawil was born and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She studied Architecture and Urbanism and is postgraduate degree in Business Administration, with extension in Real Estate Business. For 15 years, she had been active in the real estate market and since January 2017 opened her own consultancy and management company for the real estate market.


Alongside Marc Tawil, her husband, she developed the Networking 4.0 concept and is responsible for the commercial area of MTWL (agency of influential marketing and premium content). She is also a member of the Women’s of Brazil Group (www.mulheresdobrasil.com.br) and of Leadership and Female Empowerment of FISESP (São Paulo’s Israeli federation); an ambassador for racial equality at the Instituto Identidades do Brasil – ID_BR (www.simaigualdaderacial.com.br); and founder and manager of the 'Vieses Femininos' podcast project (@viesesfemininos). Since 2018, she has acted as a mentor for women who want to lead their own lives and careers.

Photos courtesy of 📸 J. Marcelo Pereira Alves.